What your koi fish can do

It will be a lot better for you if you can teach your koi a few tricks. These koi tricks can only take you a couple of days (provided that you’re a good teacher) and for them ... Continue Reading →

Proper feeding for your koi

Now that you have the perfectly prepared meal (with all the given nutrients) for your koi, it’s time to feed these hungry fishes. Having the right knowledge on how to feed your ... Continue Reading →

The koi and their food

The koi is also like any other fish; they eat food. Before giving them their meals, there are some nutritional information you need to know in keeping your koi healthy. Remember, a ... Continue Reading →

Is it a boy or a girl?

Some people have different types of kois but one thing they sometimes miss is what truly is the gender of their koi. Having them in your pond is a wonderful addition and knowing their ... Continue Reading →

The sickness that surrounds the koi fish

This is one important area that you should never forget; keeping your koi away from diseases. There are some tips in preventing your koi from acquiring some of these specific diseases. Clicking ... Continue Reading →

Introducing the butterfly koi

Today, we get to know the beautiful butterfly koi. Its resemblance to the famous goldfish is one attribute that these butterfly koi possess, and there’s so much more to this beautiful ... Continue Reading →

Newborn kois and their eggs

Finding some koi eggs in your pond plants is very rewarding as it’s only some time before they hatch into newborn kois. These eggs are literally small and hatches in a week (maximum), ... Continue Reading →

Welcoming a new koi to the pond

Adding a new koi to your pond is like welcoming a new baby to the family. But in order to keep the new koi satisfied with its new habitat, there are some points to consider in having ... Continue Reading →

Bite of the koi

When you get bitten by your koi, there’s nothing to worry about since it’s bite to humans only results to tickling. Biting other kois/fish however is one you should be worried. Clicking ... Continue Reading →