Introducing the butterfly koi

Today, we get to know the beautiful butterfly koi. Its resemblance to the famous goldfish is one attribute that these butterfly koi possess, and there’s so much more to this beautiful ... Continue Reading →

You need these dragonflies around

Mosquitoes; filthy pests and carrier of various kinds of diseases and very harmful to human and also in your garden. Natural solution: the dragonfly, for they are known to be mosquito ... Continue Reading →

Essential needs for your pond

To the surprise of some, there are important needs that your pond should have (in this case, 11) and you can’t ignore every one of them. If you are to properly maintain your pond, ... Continue Reading →

From swimming pool to pond

If you have an abandoned swimming pool, maybe it’s time to turn it into a wonder; a pond. It may require some major changes but the visual result of it will have you forget about ... Continue Reading →

Pre-winter preparations for your pond

Winter isn’t just around yet (but it’s coming) and you might want to prep your pond to be winter-proof. You should be aware that there are particular preparations for your ... Continue Reading →

Newborn kois and their eggs

Finding some koi eggs in your pond plants is very rewarding as it’s only some time before they hatch into newborn kois. These eggs are literally small and hatches in a week (maximum), ... Continue Reading →

Decorate your pond for satisfaction

Decorating your pond into something more than beautiful can give you some sense of accomplishment as well as pure satisfaction. Adding some plants one way of giving more life to your ... Continue Reading →

The proper maintenance of your water pond

This is one of the simplest ways of caring for your pond (and your kois); keeping your water pond as clean as possible. Contents of chlorine and ammonia are 2 major reasons why ponds ... Continue Reading →

Koi quarantine and it’s importance

So you have added a new koi to your pond, but what to do after that is very, very important; the quarantine. Having a quarantine tank for kois and failure to do this results into health ... Continue Reading →